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Account Executive Herndon

Los Angeles


As an Account Executive, you would be the face of Deutsch LA within our client’s headquarters in Herndon, Virginia. On a daily basis you would handle the administration of assignments in partnership with the LA-based team, function as the central communication hub between Deutsch LA and Volkswagen, and continue to strengthen the client/agency relationship. Your major responsibilities also include planning, analyzing, and evaluating information and agency output relevant to agreed-upon client needs. You would lead, coordinate, and manage the activities necessary to meet client’s needs; ensure the smooth flow of work from account team, traffic, finance and production teams in Los Angeles. 

As an embedded Deutsch employee, you will have the most client contact of any agency representative and you must always represent Deutsch as the professional, world-class agency we are. 


Working knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Apple Keynote

Proven experience in working cross functionally across an organization

Candidate should have experience and be comfortable in being the contact for Agency and Clients alike on all projects that she/he is managing directly. It’s important that this person own the meetings, think proactively about client needs and can prove to be reliable when it comes to follow up and action needed to move things along smoothly.

Must have the right positive attitude. We are lucky to work in a really fun business with diverse products and we have great clients that are smart marketers and fun people. They react best to Agency managers that show a passion for their business and for the projects that we are tasked with handling

3+ years of experience in Account Management at a full-service agency

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