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let's make

Digital Producer

New York

You’ve done the banners. You’ve launched sites, made content and pushed apps live without breaking a sweat. Along the way you’ve probably scoped more than a few wild emerging tech projects that never got bought.  Now you’re ready for your next challenge.



50% of your time will be spent managing a large web platform. You’ll be in charge of updates based on a content calendar, localization needs, technical evolution, QA and more.


Think of this platform as your very own Series B funded (or better) startup. You’ll be client facing. You’ll have a hand in strategy and creative decisions. You’ll have all the autonomy you want and coaching when you need it. And “with great power comes great responsibility”... the metrics will be your report card.


50% of your time will be spent on other stuff.  Some of it will be media (i.e. banners). Some of it will be the cool boundary pushing tech work that you want, that is difficult to make happen and totally fulfilling once it is live.



Enough years in the industry so that you understand how to work the agency machine—what the departments do, production paperwork, how to present to an ECD, etc.


Fluent in modern ways of working. You video chat before you ever think about picking up a phone, all your docs are web based and collaborative, you know when to ping and when to email.


You can hold an informed, opinionated conversation about consumer tech and emerging tech.


You are eager to try new ways of doing things even if they seem odd or counterintuitive at first.


You are an adult. You understand what needs to be done and take initiative before you are asked, you fix stuff instead of complaining about it, you show up to meetings on time.

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