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Marketing Science Supervisor

Los Angeles

Deutsch LA is the leading Advertising Agency on the West Coast. We have the honor of working with some amazing clients like Mattel, Taco Bell, 7-Eleven, and H&R Block.  Our thriving office is imaginative, creative, and produces outstanding work for our clients.  If a rapidly growing, innovative, competitive environment sounds challenging and exciting, then this is the place for you.

 We have a need for an analytics leader AND doer to drive success with key clients. 


The right person for this job will blend exceptional “analyst skills” with team and client
leadership. Experience with the following topics and tools is imperative:  

· Social media (especially FB & IG) 

· Media analytics (hands on) 

· Tableau (hands on) 

This person won't just answer the “what if” questions – but go beyond to how and why: How is our campaign performing? Why is one channel working better than another? Which audience is responding best to our message?  

We need this individual to perform the analysis to answer these questions and create a story around the answers. Outputs should include actionable, specific optimizations that materially improve campaign performance and inform learnings for future campaigns. 


• Communication of complex analytical insights to a diverse audience 

• Analytics execution and thought leadership 

• Familiarity with all marketing channels– offline and online – and performance and measurement knowledge of each  

• Oversee growth and execution of Marketing Science, with key areas of focus to include: 

o Measurement planning
– KPI development, framework, analysis and presentations 

o Media Analysis and Optimization 

o Dashboard design and maintenance 

o Web/app analytics 

o Social listening 

o Testing methodologies, design and analysis 

o Digital media analytics 

• Ability to draw out meaningful and actionable insights from data sets 

• Familiarity with attribution and marketing mix modeling/econometric analysis and/or other branches of market research
(custom survey research, advertising testing or tracking, new product research,etc.) 


• High level experience working with clients, presenting and interacting with senior client executives 

• Strong leader who can demonstrate analytic skills, problem solving, and independent decision making 

• Ability to directly analyze data and see the trends and insights others don’t spot using Excel and Tableau 

• 4+ years experience at an advertising or media agency or in marketing analytics  

• Experience with marketing technology (e.g. Data Management Platforms),ad-serving (e.g. Google DCM, Atlas), and web analytics tools (e.g. Google
Analytics, Adobe Analytics) 

• Hands on experience with the following: 

o Facebook Business Manager and Tableau are a must 

o SQL or another query language are a must 

o AWS and Redshift are heavily preferred  


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